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Schools in the UK have been requesting a transport and attendance tracking software solution for their sports trips.

Most of these schools use Socs to help manage their sports calendar and fixtures. After a series of conversations with our school clients, our Company identified that there was a strong need for them to have more control over student attendance and coach usage during sports fixtures.

The way forward was to team up with Socs as the perfect software partner for schools sports management. Our SchoolSportsTracker software has now been fully integrated with their platform.

We have built a fully customised sports transport management software by integrating our award winning software SchoolBusTracker® with our mobile attendance software as well as adding various key features such as full API integration with Socs.

Schools can now have full control of students during sports fixtures while parents can have peace of mind knowing their children attend and travel safely on the coach (to the fixtures) and safely back to school/home.

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  • The application offers complete privacy and a high level of data security.
  • High quality Individual server setup and server on Amazon UK for extra security.
  • Student data is encrypted and unreadable by our software team.
  • All information used within the application is crucial for us to perform an optimum service and therefore we only request the data required.
  • Our CMS (transport management platform) was designed to optimise management controls using automated and easy to use functions, all strictly accessible to authorised personnel.
  • Pen and stress testing twice a year.
  • Each parent App is personalised and independent.
  • Automatic logout.
  • Staff members are GDPR trained.
  • Email verification password generation and dual authentication.
  • A Parent is unable to access other children. Access to their own child is only enabled by restricted and private invitation from the school.

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We offer a personalised service; the costs depend on your school’s requirements and capacity.


Daily support and maintenance is provided by experienced and specialised technicians, development of innovative features and unlimited improvements are made available.


We provide extensive training and provide you with detailed user manuals for all the relevant users. In-situ training can be arranged as and when required.

Why SchoolSportTracker

Our sports transport technology cuts down on the time and costs incurred when managing and operating your sports and co-curricular transport.

Streamline your transport service

Our software simplifies and automates transport related tasks and helps you bring additional income, by closely monitoring student coach registration and usage and providing you with valuable data and analytics. All this helps us predict your future coach requirements through deep analysis of past and current usage.

We have the ability to tailor our technology to meet your exact requirements

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